Magical Chinese Characters 1-Building Blocks for Learning Chinese Characters (CD-Rom)

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Language: Chinese & English
Format: CD-Rom
Publication Date: 01/2005
ISBN: 9787900689030
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Series: Magical Chinese Characters

Magical Chinese Characters - Building Blocks for Learning Chinese Characters is one of the Series of EazyChinese Textbooks. A total of 308 Chinese character building blocks, 2000 characters and even more words and phrases are introduced in the textbook in a relaxed and lively manner. A great number of Chinese characters that the students have learned reappear in the rhythmical texts, which is helpful for them to master the characters in a rapid speed. This multimedia CD-ROM is based on the textbook and features colorful interfaces, animated cartoons and easy operation. It attracts the attention of students and arouses their interest in learning. In addition it offers a large number of interactive supplementary exercises that make learning fun and effective. This multimedia product serves the need of Chinese teaching in both international schools in China and Chinese language schools overseas.

汉字字母教程》是易达汉语系列教材的两套课本之一。本套教材使用轻松活泼的形式教授作者提出的308个汉字字母,2000个汉字和更多的词汇。课文用语富于韵律,而且大量重现所学汉字,便于学生快速掌握汉字。  该系列多媒体学习光盘与主教材《汉字字母教程》相配套,界面设计选用较艳丽的色彩,采用卡通风格及动画设计,菜单按钮易于操作,能吸引孩子的注意力。光盘中还特别补充了大量的互动练习,增加了学习的互动性、趣味性。

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Magical Chinese Characters 1-Building Blocks for Learning Chinese Characters (CD-Rom)