Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System (with CD and Exercise book)

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Page: 125
Publication Date: 06/2006
ISBN: 7561916183, 9787561916186

Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System is a textbook compiled for elementary Chinese learner and those who have difficulties with Chinese pinyin. The textbook and the exercise book are used as a set, with the former used in class and the later handed in after class. All the content and instructions are both in Chinese and in English.

There are 10 lessons in the textbook. Lesson one briefly introduces the pronunciation system of mandarin; lesson two to nine introduce the pronouncing methods in detail and make a comparison between Chinese and the similar English pronunciations. Lesson ten introduces the spelling and tone rules of the Chinese syllables. The appendix includes expressions commonly used in class teaching. In each lesson, in-class exercises and tongue twisters or poems are offered for learners to practice pinyin in real situations.

In order to supply homework materials for students, the exercise book is designed to have steps as warm-up exercise, exercises about initial consonants and final sound and syllable exercises of three different stages. It can effectively lead students to review and consolidate what they have learnt in each lesson. The compilers have also supplied students with free online interactive practices by logging in the teaching website on the internet.

The textbook and exercise book contain a large amount of beautiful pictures and sketch map of pronunciation, and also CD (textbook) and MP3 (exercise book). The four products are sold at fixed prices together.

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Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System (with CD and Exercise book)