A Concise History of Chinese Literature (English Edition)

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Author: Wang Chuanlong;
Language: English
Page: 169
Publication Date: 01/2015
ISBN: 9787561940785
Level: Advanced; Middle School, Adults
The Learning About China series is aimed to introduce the most basic and most important things in various fields of China to the foreign teenagers. The first series contains 10 volumes which make step-by-step introduction of China with content involving geography, history, population, ethnic groups, social life, civilization, art, science, technology, economy, politics, philosophical thought, etc. This volume briefly introduces Chinese literature and it is the English version of the series.
Table of Contents
Pre—Qin—The Origin of Chinese Literature 
Without Poetry,One Cannot Converse 
The Logic of Zhuangzi 
The Romantic Elegy of Qu Yuan 
Han Dynasty—The of a Gmat Age 
The Masterpiece of History by Sima Qian 
The Rich Writings of Sima Xiangru 
Wei—Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties—Literary Freedom in a World of Unrest 
Jian’an Poetry and the Three Caos 
Mysterious Ghost Stories 
The Utopia of Tao Yuanming 
Tang Dnasty—Poetry at its Finest 
The Talent and Romance of Li Bai 
The Epic Life of Du Fu 
Reclaiming Tradition with the Classical Prose Movement 
Song Dynasty—Bold and Graceful Verse 
Liu Yong Writing Lyrics by Imperial Order 
Leader of the Literati Su Dongpo 
The Immortal Female Scholar Li Qingzhao 
Yuan Dynasty—The Rise of Popular Literature 
Touching Heaven and EaCh—The Injustice to Dou E 
Twists and Tu rns in The Story of the Western Wing 
Ming Dynasty — Novels and plays 
An Outpouring of Heroes in Romance of the Three Kingdoms 
Journey to the West and the World of Fantasy 
Life,Love,and Death in The Peony Pavilion 
Qtng Dynasty—The Endof classical Literature 
Rise and Fall in The Peach Blossom Fan 
The First Manchu Lyricist 
Ten Years of Toil for the Dream of the Red Chamber 
The Republic of China—The Era of the Vernacular 
The Combative Pen of Lu Xun 
The People’s Artist Lao She 
Resplendent Desolation and Eiteen Chang 
Contemporary Literature in Development 
The Wodd of Martial Arts and Louis Cha 
The Expression of Misty Poetry 
The Magic and Reality of Mo Yan 
Index of Major Works
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