FLTRP Graded Readers 4A - Beijing Welcomes You

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Reading China is a progressive, reader-friendly series of reading materials specially designed for non-native Chinese learners, which can be used in class or as extracurricular reading. The main features of Reading China are as follows: Graded-Reading Materials: Five progressive grades, each in several volumes, which are tailored for different levels of learners. Topics of China: An outlook of modern Chinese society is provided from various aspects of clothing, food, shelter and transportation, co-existence of traditional customs and modern life practices, language, culture, and economy, etc. Short and Simple Articles: Different forms of short articles written in simple and humorous language are appealing to read. Books with CD: Each volume is divided by book A and B. Each book comes with a CD and learners can read and listen to authentic Chinese at the same time.

About the Author
Zhu Yong, the Chief Editor, is an Associate Professor at the School of Chinese Language and Literature, BeijingForeign Studies University. He graduated from the School of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University (Bachelor degree),the School of Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University (Master’s degree), and the Department of Literature,Kansai University, Japan (Doctor’s degree). He was a guest lecturer at the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Japan,and the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Rome, Italy, and visited the University of Iowafor one year. His main achievements lie in teacher development and case studies, reading and text grading studies,and intercultural communication, etc.
Table of Contents
Why Eat Dumplings on the Winter Solstice?
Renting an Apartment
You Are Off My Mind
The Creation ofthe World by Pan Gu
Have You Been in China for Too Long?
Why“East and West”Makes“Stuff”。
Should College Students Spend Tomorrow's Money?
My Son's“Whys”
Dietary Habits of the Chinese
It Takes Only Half an Hour to Get to School
They Distinguish Twins This Way
Come on,Let's Go to Tibet!
Why Treat People to Meals?
The Useless Stone and me Useful Brick
Ber ing Welcomes You
Getting Married Is More and More Difficult
We Cannot Let Children Lose on the Starting Line
Young People First
Grandma's Diary
How Much Will It Cost for a Couple to Quarrel?
Answer Keys
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of FLTRP Graded Readers 4A - Beijing Welcomes You (ISBN:9787560091174)
Sample pages of FLTRP Graded Readers 4A - Beijing Welcomes You (ISBN:9787560091174)
Sample pages of FLTRP Graded Readers 4A - Beijing Welcomes You (ISBN:9787560091174)

Sample pages of FLTRP Graded Readers 4A - Beijing Welcomes You (ISBN:9787560091174)
From the 1970s to 1980s, the housing of urban residents in China was generally provided by their working units as welfare, and were generally small and allocated on a seniority basis according to their length of service, professional ranks and other qualifications. Later, the Chinese government carried out a reform on the housing policy, and implemented the housing fund system nationwide. It established a new housing system consisting of economically affordable housing, low-rent housing and commercial housing. Residents are now encouraged to purchase housing on their own. Nowadays, many residents buy their housing on mortgage, and the government is actively putting into effect a series of favorable policies to improve the housing conditions of urban residents.
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FLTRP Graded Readers 4A - Beijing Welcomes You