FLTRP Graded Readers 2A - Marvellous Chinese (with CD)

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Author: Zhu Yong;
Language: Chinese-English
Format: Papercover
Page: 112
Publication Date: 04/2009
ISBN: 9787560082349
Reading China is a progressive, reader-friendly series of reading materials specially designed for non-native Chinese learners, which can be used in class or as extracurricular reading. The main features of Reading China are as follows: Graded-Reading Materials: Five progressive grades, each in several volumes, which are tailored for different levels of learners. Topics of China: An outlook of modern Chinese society is provided from various aspects of clothing, food, shelter and transportation, co-existence of traditional customs and modern life practices, language, culture, and economy, etc. Short and Simple Articles: Different forms of short articles written in simple and humorous language are appealing to read. Books with CD: Each volume is divided by book A and B. Each book comes with a CD and learners can read and listen to authentic Chinese at the same time.
FLTRP Graded Readers 2A - Marvellous Chinese (with CD)