FLTRP Graded Readers 4B - Planting a Love Tree (with CD)

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Author: Zhu Yong; Liu Jihong;
Page: 120
Publication Date: 03/2010
ISBN: 9787560092546, 7560092543
Table of Contents

1. 笑话的智慧
Wisdom of Jokes

2. 不用回答的问句
Questions That Don’t Need to Be Answered

3. 聪明的谎言
Smart Lies

4. “最后”的机会
The "Last" Chance

5. 种下一棵爱情树
Planting a Love Tree

6. 三只老鼠
Three Mice

7. 三岁看大
Predicting the Future from the Age of Three

8. 欲速则不达
Haste Makes Waste

9. 岗位难度要适当
Jobs Should Be Appropriately Challenging

10. 隔代教育
Generation-Skipping Education

11. 打工妹的选择
The Choice Made by a Working Girl from the Countryside

12. 自助游(上)
Self-Service Travel (Part 1)

13. 自助游(下)
Self-Service Travel (Part 2)

14. “的士”司机
A "Taxi" Driver

15. 聪明的馈赠
Clever Gifts

16. 寻找蒙中的家园
Look for a Dream Home

17. 抢一个新娘回家
„Fighting“ for a Bride to Take Home

18. 品牌译名的艺术
The Art of Translating Brand Names

19. 在美国吃烤鸭
Eating Roast Duck in the United States

20. 失恋同盟
Broken Hearts Alliance

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FLTRP Graded Readers 4B - Planting a Love Tree (with CD)