YCT Standard Course 4

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Table of Contents
Lesson 1 我们有一百零八个学生。We have 108 students.
Lesson 2 你学汉语多长时间了?
How long have you been learning Chinese?
Lesson 3 早上八点半就开门。
It opens as early as 8:30 in the morning.
Lesson 4 我感冒了。I have a cold.
Lesson 5 把门关上。Close the door.
Lesson 6 你去过我们的新教室吗?
Have you been to our new classroom?
Lesson 7 你们每天怎么去学校?
How do you go to school every day?
Lesson 8 要下雨了。It's going to rain.
Lesson 9 你是什么时候去的?When did you go there?
Lesson 10 爸爸为什么不休息?Why doesn't Dad have a rest?
Lesson 11 它长得很快。It grows really fast.
Lesson 12 复习Review
课文和小故事翻译Text and Mini Story Translation
测试页听力文本Test Listening Scripts
测试页答案Test Answers
YCT奖状YCT Award
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YCT Standard Course 4