YCT Standard Course 5

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Table of Contents
Lesson 1 你对中国功夫感兴趣吗?Are you interested in Chinese kung fu?
Lesson 2 兔子更可爱。Rabbits are even cuter.
Lesson 3 电梯坏了。There is something wrong with the elevator.
Lesson 4 每个人都有自己的习惯。Everyone has their own habits.
Lesson 5 他们多么年轻啊!They're so young!
Lesson 6 站着的还是坐着的?The one standing or the one sitting?
Lesson 7 我经常去体育馆锻炼身体。I often go to the gym to work out.
Lesson 8 北京一共有四个季节。Beijing has four seasons altogether.
Lesson 9 冰激凌既好吃又便宜。The ice cream is delicious and cheap.
Lesson 10 你的汉语会越来越好。Your Chinese will get better and better.
Lesson 11 来一盘羊肉饺子。I'd like a plate of lamb dumplings.
Lesson 12 坐飞机或者坐火车都可以。You can either take the plane or the train.
Lesson 13 我先帮你补牙。I'll do the filling for you first.
Lesson 14 我打算去中国旅游。I'm planning to go travelling in China.
Lesson 15 复习Review
课文和小故事翻译Text and Mini Story Translation
听力文本Listening Scripts
测试页答案Test Answers
YCT奖状YCT Award
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YCT Standard Course 5