Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2010

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"Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2010" is a surface that reflects the Guangzhou Economic and social development of the annual data. Book through a lot of statistical data, the umbrella objective historical record of an important year in 2009 and, in particular since the reform and opening up, Guangzhou 『provide economic and social development. Second, the book is divided into 17 study items, namely: 1. Comprehensive; 2. Population; 3. Employment and Wages; 4. Investment in fixed assets; 5. Energy production and consumption; 6. Financial finance and insurance; 7. Price Index; 8. People's lives; 9. City rb 'building; 10. Agriculture; 11.1 industry; 12. Construction industry; 13. Transport and Posts and Telecommunications: 14. Domestic trade; 15. Foreign economic trade and tourism; 16. Technology; 17. Health and Social Welfare Education, Culture and Sports. In the appendix, a collection of the country, Guangdong Province and Hong Kong SAR, Macao Special Administrative Region of the major economic indicators. Most of the Yearbook of Statistics' data from all levels of government Bureau of Statistics, National Bureau of Investigation Team in Guangzhou regular statistical reports and a variety of sample survey data, some data from provincial, municipal administrations. Third, the Yearbook of the city, including urban and Conghua, Zengcheng two county-level city. Urban areas including the Liwan District, Yuexiu District, Haizhu, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Huangpu District, Panyu District, Huadu District, Nansha District, and Luogang in 10 areas.
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Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2010