Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2011

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First, the "Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2011" is a fully reflect the economic and social development of Guangzhou's informative annual. Book through a lot of statistical data, a comprehensive and objective record of the year 2010 and historical importance, especially since the reform and opening up, Guangzhou Economic and social development. Second, the book is divided into 17 table of contents, namely: 1. Comprehensive; 2 population; employees and wages; 4 fixed asset investment; 5 energy production and consumption; 6 Finance, insurance; 7 prices index; 8 people's lives; 9 urban construction; 10 agriculture; 11 industries; 12 construction; 13 transport and Telecommunications; 14 domestic trade; 15 outside through travel; 16 science and technology; 17 education, culture, sports, health, social welfare and others. In the appendix, a collection of country, Guangdong Province and Hong Kong, SAR of major economic indicators. Third, most of the Yearbook of statistics from the government at all levels of Bureau of Statistics, National Bureau of Investigation Team, Guangzhou, all kinds of regular statistical reports and sample survey data, some of the information from the property of their respective departments. Fourth, the Yearbook of the city, including urban and Conghua, Zengcheng two county-level cities. Urban areas, including Liwan, Yuexiu, Haizhu, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Huangpu District, Panyu constant, Nansha District and Luogang in 10 districts. Five indices listed in the Yearbook and the annual average growth rate are calculated at comparable prices. Sixth, the Yearbook of aggregates used in the calculation Unless otherwise indicated, prices are current prices. Seven years in the use of data readers, where the discrepancies with the yearbook, are subject to the yearbook. Eight, part of the information in the Yearbook or the relative number of total number of units of choice due to difference in the calculation error, were not to make mechanical adjustments. Nine, the Yearbook of the symbol table for use: "space" indicates that the statistical indicators of the unknown or no information; "..." indicates the number less than the minimum number of units in this table; "#" indicates the major items.
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Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2011