Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2010

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Language: English and Chinese bilingual
Publication Date: 07/2010
ISBN: 9787503759475
Publisher: China Statistics Press
Series: Shanghai Statistical Yearbook
First, the "Shanghai Statistical Yearbook - 2010" is a highly information-intensive information tool. This book contains the 2009 Shanghai's economic and social aspects of the statistical information, and important years of reform and opening up the main statistical data. Second, the book consists of 22 study items, namely: 1. Comprehensive; 2. Population and labor force; 3. National accounts; 4. Revenue and expenditure; 5. Investment in fixed assets; 6. Foreign trade and tourism; 7. Price level; 8. People's lives; 9. Urban development; 10. Agriculture; 11. Industry; 12. Construction industry; 13. Transportation, postal and information transmission; 14. Wholesale and retail; 15. Financial services; 16. Real estate; 17. Science and technology; 18. Environmental management; 19. Education; 20. Health, Social Security and Social Welfare; 21. Culture and Sports; 22. Law, notaries and others. In order to facilitate readers on the correct use of information, the table of contents accompanied Main Statistical Indicators. Third, the information in this book is mainly through the annual surveys of our Bureau, but not for other than specified, all information provided by the professional sector in the tabulated are the notes to the sources of information. Fourth, the data used in the units of measurement are internationally standard measurement units. 5, the Yearbook of aggregates used in calculating the price of all the current price.
Table of Contents
1. First - Comprehensive
2. Second - the population and labor force
3. Part III - National Accounts
4. Part IV - Financial revenues
5. The fifth chapter - investment in fixed assets
6. Part VI - Foreign Economic Trade and Tourism
7. VII of the article - the price level
8. VIII of the articles - the people's living
9. IX - Urban Construction
Of 10. Tenth chapter - Agriculture
11. 10th 1 - Industrial
12. 12th chapter - Construction
13. 13th chapter - transportation, postal and information transmission
14. 14th chapter - Wholesale and retail
15. 15th chapter - financial industry
16. 16th chapter - Real Estate
17. 17th chapter - science and technology
18. 18th chapter - Environmental Governance
19. 19th article - Education
20. Article article - Health, Social Security and Social Welfare
21. Article 1 - Culture and Sport
22. 22nd Materials - legal, notary and other
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Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2010