Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2012 (with CD-ROM)

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A "Shanghai Statistical Yearbook -2012 'is a highly intensive information data tool. This book contains the 2011 economic and social aspects of statistics, as well as key statistics in the important year since the reform and opening up. The book is divided into 23 table of contents, namely: 1. Synthesis; 2. Population and labor force; 3. National accounts; 4. Fiscal revenue and expenditure; 5. Energy production and consumption; Fixed assets investment; Foreign economic trade and tourism; 8. Price level; 9. People's lives; 10. Urban construction; 11. Agriculture; 12. Industry; 13. Construction; 14 transport, postal services and information transmission; 15. Wholesale and retail; 16. The financial sector; 17. Real estate; 18. Science and technology; 19. Environmental Protection governance; 20. Education; 21 health, social security and social welfare; 22. Culture and sports; 23 law, notary and other. In order to facilitate the readers to the correct use of information, the article said, is accompanied by Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators. i, the data in this yearbook, F} 1 Bureau collected through the annual report of the investigation outside without special explanation, all data provided by the professional sector in the comments of the table type describes the data sources. Four units of measurement used in the data are internationally standard measurement units. Five of the Yearbook of aggregate indicators calculated using the prices are current prices. , The Yearbook of part of the data, the total number or relative number of units to choose different calculation error are not adjusted.
Table of Contents
First comprehensive
Table 1.1 administrative divisions (2011)
Table 1.2 The main meteorological indicators (2011)
Table 1.3 each month meteorological indicators (2011)
Table 1.4 year socio-economic indicators
Table 1.5 Main Years main indicators of socio-economic development speed
Table 1.6 Main Years structural indicators of social and economic development
Table 1.7 each period of social and economic indicators
Table 1.8 in each period the average growth rate of the main socio-economic indicators
Table 1.9 Wai Man Yi economic indicators than the previous year (1978 to 2011)
Table 1.10 socio-economic indicators the proportion of the country's total (2011)
Table 1.11 Year National People's Congress of
Table 1.12 Year CPPCC situation
Main Statistical Indicators
The second population and labor force
The third National Accounts
Title IV financial revenue and expenditure
Of V energy production and consumption
Sixth investment in fixed assets
Title VII of foreign economic trade and tourism
VIII price level
IX of people's lives
Articles 10 urban construction
An agriculture 10
The twelfth chapter of industrial
CHAPTER 13 Construction Industry
Fourteenth chapter of transportation, postal and information transmission
Of articles 15 wholesale and retail
Chapter 16 financial industry
17th chapter real estate
Chapter 18 of Science and Technology
The nineteenth chapter Environmental Protection governance
Power of education
Twenty-one health, social security and social welfare
The second twelve Culture and Sports
Twenty-three legal, notary and other
Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2012 (with CD-ROM)