Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2013

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"Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2013" is a highly information-intensive information tool. This book contains the 2011 Shanghai's economic and social aspects of statistical data, and important year since the reform and opening up the main statistical data.
Second, the book is divided into 23 study items, namely: 1. Integrated; 2. Population and labor force; 3 national accounts; 4. Revenue and expenditure; 5. Energy production and consumption; 6. Fixed asset investment; 7. External economic, trade and tourism; 8 price levels; 9 people's lives; 10 urban construction; 11. agriculture; 12. industry; 13 construction; 14 transportation, postal and information transfer; 15 wholesale and retail; 16 The financial sector; 17 real estate; 18 science and technology; 19. environmental governance; 20 Education; 21 health, social security and social welfare; 22. culture and sports; 23. law, notaries and others. For readers correct use of information, the table of contents is accompanied by the Main Statistical Indicators.
Third, the almanac data is mainly through the annual survey by the Bureau of my collection, rather than as specified, all data provided by the specialized departments were noted in the comments tabular data source.
Fourth, the data used in the units of measurement are used internationally standard measurement units.
Fifth, the yearbook aggregates are used in calculating the price of the current price.
Six, part of the data in this yearbook total number or relative number of units to choose different calculation error not adjusted.
Seven, the yearbook of the symbol table for use:
"..." Indicates lack of data in this table are the smallest units of measurement;
"Space" indicates that the statistical data are not available or no such data;
"#" Indicates the major items.
Eight, "Shanghai Statistical Yearbook," published since, by domestic and foreign readers of care and support, and edit the contents of the yearbook made ​​many valuable suggestions, which we are grateful. Limited to the level we welcome readers to continue on the inadequacies of the yearbook to give criticism and correction, help us to further improve the Yearbook editorial work, in order to better serve the readers.
Shanghai Statistical Yearbook 2013