New Target Chinese Spoken Language 6 (with 1 MP3)

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Usage Advice: To be used in intermediate and advanced speaking class

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

For Adults

This is a series of Chinese speaking textbooks designed under a "task-based" concept. With communication asits target and tasks as its thread, the series integrates topics, functions andculture together and realizes an organic unity of form and meaning. It issuitable for learners from entry-level to intermediate-level and can be used inboth short-term training classes and long-term programs.This is Book 6, suitable forintermediate- and advanced-level learners. The book is composed of 15 topicalunits with quite formal content about various aspects of the modern world,including politics, economy, culture, life, and sports, etc. Each unit hasseveral instructional objectives for learners to fulfill during the process ofcompleting tasks. The whole book is providedwith English translation and full-color illustrations and pictures, and isaccompanied by an MP3 CD.

About the Author
MaoYue, Deputy Dean of The College of Intensive Chinese Training, Beijing Language and Culture University, has participated in the writing of many textbooks, including Intensive Chinese Course, Short-Term Listening Chinese, Short-Term Spoken Chinese and Say It Now—A Complete Handbook of SpokenChinese.
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New Target Chinese Spoken Language 6 (with 1 MP3)