Legend of Beijing Tour Spots (English)

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The 47 legends that form this book have crystallized around some of Beijing's most celebrated sights. Here are the "just-so stories"of the Forbidden City, the Great wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Fragrant Hills, the Summer Palace, the Lama Temple, the Gate of Heavenly Peace and many others, told as earthily and redolently as only Beijingers can. Reminisce or whet your appetite: a little extra bit of Beijing will be yours.
Table of Contents
The Temple of Heaven
The Wedges in the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest
Heaven's Heart Stone
The Imperial Palace
The Red-Crowned Crane in the Chuxiu Palace
Four Stone Lions
The Watch-towers
Zhenfei's Well
The Great Wall at Badaling
The Northern Tribes Destroying Qin
Meng Jiangnu
One Night too Many
One Night too Many
The Gingko Tree
The Summer Palace
The Legend of Longevity Hill
Kunming Lake
How the Seventeen-Arch Bridge Was Built
The Mother and Son Rocks
The Marble Boat
The Dragon King Temple and Golden Hook River
Beihai Park
Iron Screen
Golden Buns
Zhongshan Park
The Descent of the Gods of Garming
Home Mansion
The Fragrant Hills
The Fragrant Hills and the Trdasure Crock
The Fragrant Hill's Red Leaves
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Legend of Beijing Tour Spots (English)