Chic Beijing: An Insiders' Guide to Unique New Places

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Table of Contents
Wudaoying Hutong:An Unspoiled Haven Amidst the Hustle and Bustle
Qianmen Street:A 600-Year-Old Pedestrian Street
Great Wall:Getting Close to the Miracle in Three Ways
Bell Tower and Drum Tower:Marking Time on the North End of the Central Axis of Beijing
Xidamochang Street:An Architectural Masterpiece
Heping Guoju:An Underground Time Machine
02 ART
Tsinghua University Art Museum: Appreciating Eastern and Western Art
Red Brick Art Museum: Adjusting One’s Pace in an Artistic Land
China National Film Museum: Life Preserved in Film
Jixiang Theater: Carrying On a Hundred Years of Glory
Reading Spaces: A Chance to Converse with Ancient Masters
Jiaolou Library: Experiencing Old Beijing During Changing Seasons
Taikoo Li Sanlitun: A Hub of Youthful Energy
New Shougang: A Former Steel Plant Becomes
a Fashionable Cultural Center
Beijing Daxing International Airport: A Phoenix Leaves Me Awe-Stricken
Longfu Temple Area: Where an Ancient Temple Meets a Modern City
Beijing WTown: A Night Tour Under the Starry Sky
Beijing Happy Valley: Another Dream Journey Begins at Night
Ice Cellar of the Forbidden City: Cooling Off the Scorching Heat
Guijie: A Paradise for Foodies and Those Cultivating a Zest for Life
Daoxiangcun’s Flagship Store: Pastries Bring Back Sweet Memories
Qianmen Sanlihe: A Waterfront Park Nestled Among the Hutongs
Yangmeizhuxie Street: A Perfect Combination of Vitality and Tranquility
Laijinyuxuan Teahouse: A Portal to the Past
China National Botanical Garden: Strolling Through the Garden for Gorgeous Scenery Year Round
Wenyu River: Connecting the Great Wall and the Grand Canal
Liangma River: A Night Boat Tour on Brilliant Strips of Light
Grand Canal Forest Park: Water-Nourished Forest Park
Central Green Forest Park: Savoring the Beauty of the Four Seasons
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Chic Beijing: An Insiders' Guide to Unique New Places