Beijing Tourism Manual

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Beijing Tourism Manual is a comprehensive English guide for travels in Beijing. This book not only includes the primary historic tourist attractions, it devotes specific attention to scenic hotspots and numerous others, such as shopping, residence, dining, nightlife, and many more. In addition, the guide includes elaborate pictures, maps, and detailed descriptions of the Beijing area, offering readers insightful graphics. The Beijing Tourism Manual is uniquely one of the few articles on the bookshelf with a specific chapter completely dedicated to the 2008 Olympics.
About the Author:
Currently living in Michigan, Mier W. Wang is a high school student, who has loved to travel ever since his first trip to China when he was 9 months old. Having visited 13 countries already, he is unhesitating in declaring his love for the city of Beijing. Mier, like a normal teenager, fills his free time practicing piano, playing tennis, and simply enjoying his time with friends.
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Beijing Tourism Manual