A Thousand Pictures of Imperial Beijing (2 Vol.s)

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The long history of Beijing is fully unveiled among the pictures of this book. Since the time of Beijing Homo erectus this city has been through many vicissitudes. Over 3,000 years ago, Beijing was merely a fortress in northern China, but later it became well-known in the western world as the capital of Yuan Dynasty. In the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Beijing reached its peak as a capital of the feudal empire, and today it is an open and civilized international metropolis. By reading this book, you will also have a good sight of Beijing's city layout, temples, gardens, hutong (alleyways), siheyuan (courtyard homes), traditional culture and customs, modem shopping malls, and natural attractions.
Every detail of Beijing is vividly shown by over 1,000 pictures as well as those brief introductions in this A Thousand Pictures of Imperial Beijing. This book attempts to tell readers that Beijing is enthusiastically ready to welcome friends from all over the world.
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A Thousand Pictures of Imperial Beijing (2 Vol.s)