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Traditional Architectural Culture of China
ISBN: 9787503266836 | Published on 10/2021
This book mainly introduces the contents of ten chapters. The first chapter is the structure of Chinese traditional architecture, mainly introducing...

Chinese Culinary Culture
ISBN: 9787503236945 | Published on 01/2010 | Reviews:
Many foreign tourists maintain that a journey to China must include the following contents: visiting historical sites and scenic spots, tasting...

The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics 2016
ISBN: 9787503257421 | Published on 01/2017 | Series: The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics

Yunnan: An Enchanting Land of Colors
ISBN: 9787503242731,7503242736 | Published on 12/2011
This book present the beautiful view of Yunnan, Kunming, and different tour lines of beautiful magical place.

Tourism Sample Survey 2011
Published on 12/2011 | Series: Tourism Sample Survey
The book is informative Annual Report, which reflect the 2010 inbound tourists spent in China and the situation of the domestic residents' domestic...

Tourism Sample Survey 2013
ISBN: 9787503248108 | Published on 09/2013 | Series: Tourism Sample Survey
"Tourism sample survey 2013 " This book is a reflection of 2012 inbound tourists in China domestic tourism spending and domestic residents...

Tourism Sample Survey 2012
ISBN: 9787503245381 | Published on 12/2012 | Series: Tourism Sample Survey
Tourism sample survey of 2012 "book is to reflect the situation of 2011 tourists spent in China, domestic tourism and domestic residents...

The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics 2017
ISBN: 9787503259531 | Published on 12/2017 | Series: The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics

The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics 2013
ISBN: 9787503248481 | Published on 11/2013 | Series: The Yearbook of China Tourism Statistics
" China Tourism Statistics Yearbook 2013 " is a comprehensive reflection of the People's Republic in 2012 the development of an annual...

China Hotel Industry Study 2015
ISBN: 9787503253850 | Published on 07/2015 | Series: China Hotel Industry Study | Reviews:
"2015 China Hotel Industry" (2014 fiscal year) with the objective and detailed data as we presented the latest developments in the hotel...