Tourism Sample Survey 2011

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The book is informative Annual Report, which reflect the 2010 inbound tourists spent in China and the situation of the domestic residents' domestic tourism is divided into two. On sample survey of inbound tourists, composed of two parts by a comprehensive analysis of the reporting and investigation of segment information, segment information, including: inbound visitors to the main features of the entry of foreigners, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots spending levels and spending constitute in the territory of residence time as well as the entry number of flows, the choice of accommodation of tourists on the quality of tourism services, tourism facilities and tourism resources and tourism goods interest. Next sample survey of domestic tourism, a collection of urban residents and rural residents in 2010 domestic tourism sample survey results, divided into four parts: the first part of a comprehensive analysis report; The second part of domestic tourism trips in 2010 and to spend; the third part of urban residents in 2010 domestic tourism sample survey of classified information; fourth is divided into the classified information of the 2010 sample survey of rural residents in domestic tourism. The book is a sample survey to obtain information and data is aggregated, the audit, finishing assembly out of the actual work of a comprehensive set of detailed and accurate information to reflect the course of the investigation and findings are available for tourism development theorists and tourism industry for reference use. Inbound tourists spend in 2010 the organization and implementation of sample surveys and domestic tourism sample survey, the National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Public Security Exit and Entry Administration, Public Security Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), Bureau of Tourism (CST), the Bureau of Statistics Checkpoint support and assistance, Chi this together to express my heartfelt thanks!
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Tourism Sample Survey 2011