An English-Chinese & Chinese-English Dictionary of Contract Wording

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  • Author: Wang Zheng;
  • Page: 973
  • Publication Date: 01/2011
  • ISBN: 7509329167
In foreign-related contract, English contract can be deemed as the most widely used. It involves abundant vocabulary, and there is specific application. It is necessary that there is handy and utility contracts terms dictionary in English language when the contract is drafted or translated. To this end, editors work on the compilation of this book based on their years of practical experience, With the hope to offer the readers who need such reference book with convenience when it brings about convenience with books. The vocabularies selected in this book, in addition to the vocabularies of different types of contracts involved the PRC Contract Law, also include various types of contract terms related to Labor contract Law, Company Law, Financial Law, Securities Law and other laws.
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An English-Chinese & Chinese-English Dictionary of Contract Wording