Getting to Know China: A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture Album 2 (5DVDs+5Books+50Bookmarks)

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Being an old country with 5,000 years of history, China is an important birthplace of human civilization. The great inventions of China, such as paper, gunpowder, the compass, the technology of printing, along with china and silk, have spread to the world and enhanced the cultural exchange between China and other nations; the poems, painting, music, dance and drama created by Chinese people all express their love for nature and their emphasis on ethics and moral obligations, which constitute the essence of Chinese culture and art; the rich and colorful traditional Chinese festivals of various kinds show the passions and emotions of Chinese nation; the traditional architecture of China, such as ancient cities, palaces, temples, common residences and classical gardens, has reflected the Chinese culture and spirit of different eras in history; and the all-embracing attitude Chinese people take towards foreign cultures has further developed and promoted Chinese culture.
The world needs to know China, while China also needs to show the world the splendor of its culture. Based on these needs, Beijing Language and Culture University Press, along with Viewpoint Culture Communication Co., Ltd, has put great efforts of 3 years into this large-scale DVD product, A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture, which gives a comprehensive introduction on Chinese culture. This DVD series covers the quintessence of Chinese culture, including Chinese civilization and art, Chinese customs, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, different ethnic groups, and famous places of historic interest and scenic beauty. With brief and vivid commentary, and clear and beautiful pictures, it brings readers to the core of Chinese culture in a convenient and direct way. A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture can truly be called a solid multimedia encyclopedia of Chinese culture.
Table of Contents
中国名胜古迹 Scenic Spots and Historical Sites in China
(DVD 1) 天坛 The Temple of Heaven, 布达拉宫 The Potala Palace, 孔庙、孔府、孔林 The Temple, Mansion and Cemetery of Confucius, 敦煌莫高窟 The Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang, 云冈石窟 The Yungang Grottoes, 乐山大佛 The Leshan Giant Buddha, 长白山 Changbai Mountain, 华山 Mount Hua, 武夷山 Mount Wuyi, 皖南古村落:西递、宏村 Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui: Xidi and Hongcun

中国的民族 Chinese Nationalities
(DVD 2) 多民族的国家 A Multiethnic Country, 汉族、满族 The Han and Man Peoples, 瑶族、纳西族 The Yao and Nakhi Peoples, 侗族、朝鲜族 The Dong and Korean Peoples, 苗族、彝族 The Miao and Yi Peoples, 蒙古族、壮族 The Mongol and Zhuang Nationalities, 白族、傣族 The Bai and Dai Nationalities, 回族、维吾尔族、哈萨克族 The Hui, Uyghur and Kazakh Peoples, 民族服饰 Ethnic Clothing and Accessories, 民族歌舞 The Song and Dance of China’s Ethnic Minorities

中国文明与艺术 Chinese Civilization and Art
(DVD 3) 龙 The Chinese Dragon, 中国的城门 China’s City Gates, 中国的牌楼 China’s Archways,中国的祭坛 China’s Sacrificial Altars, 北京的胡同 The Hutongs of Beijing, 北京的四合院 The Siheyuan of Beijing, 中国的白酒 China’s Baijiu, 各地小吃 China’s Local Snacks, 北京烤鸭 Beijing Roast Duck, 中国的面食 China’s Flour Products
(DVD 4) 神奇的汉字 Mysterious Chinese Characters, 茶 Tea, 中国功夫 Chinese Kung Fu, 中国的玉器 China’s Jadeware, 京剧 Peking Opera, 中国民乐 Chinese Folk Music, 风筝 The Kite, 民间面塑 China’s Dough Figurines, 民间泥塑 Chinese Clay Sculptures, 民间皮影 Chinese Shadow Plays

(DVD 5) 儒家思想 Confucian Philosophy, 中国的佛教 Buddhism in China, 道教与神仙 Taoism and Deities, 宗教建筑 Religious Architecture, 孔子和儒家思想 Confucius and Confucian Philisophy, 老子和道家思想 Laozi and Taoist Philosophy, 佛教名山:峨眉山 A Famous Buddhist Mountain: Mount Emei, 佛教名山:五台山 A Famous Buddhist Mountain: Mount Wutai, 道教名山:武当山 Famous Taoist Mountains: Wudang Mountains, 道教名山:崂山 A Famous Taoist Mountain: Laoshan

Annotations and Subtitles in English.
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Getting to Know China: A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture Album 2 (5DVDs+5Books+50Bookmarks)