Getting to Know China: A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture (Album 4 with 5DVD)

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Usage Advice: Users intended: Foreigners without any experience in Chinese learning and teachers of Chinese as a foreign language, Chinese elementary and middle school students and friends of Chinese minority group

With the rapid development of its economy, China is getting more and more influential in the world. People all over the world are casting their eyes on this great old nation and their interest to learn more about China's past and present is growing. They want to find out what has been driving this nation to develop at such a great speed.

Being an old country with 5,000 years of history, China is an important birthplace of human civilization. The great inventions of China, such as paper, gunpowder, the compass, the technology of printing, along with china and silk, have spread to the world and enhanced the cultural exchange between China and other nations; the poems, painting, music, dance and drama created by Chinese people all express their love for nature and their emphasis on ethics and moral obligations, which constitute the essence of Chinese culture and art; the rich and colorful traditional Chinese festivals of various kinds show the passions and emotions of Chinese nation; the traditional architecture of China, such as ancient cities, palaces, temples, common residences and classical gardens, has reflected the Chinese culture and spirit of different eras in history; and the all-embracing attitude Chinese people take towards foreign cultures has further developed and promoted Chinese culture.

The world needs to know China, while China also needs to show the world the splendor of its culture. Based on these needs, Beijing Language and Culture University Press, along with Viewpoint Culture Communication Co., Ltd, has put great efforts of 3 years into this large-scale DVD product, A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture, which gives a comprehensive introduction on Chinese culture. This DVD series covers the quintessence of Chinese culture, including Chinese civilization and art, Chinese customs, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, different ethnic groups, and famous places of historic interest and scenic beauty. With brief and vivid commentary, and clear and beautiful pictures, it brings readers to the core of Chinese culture in a convenient and direct way. A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture can truly be called a solid multimedia encyclopedia of Chinese culture.

It is our sincere hope that this product will set you on an exciting journey of Chinese culture filled with pleasant surprises and help you to learn more about China.

Table of Contents
DVD1: 中国传统节日 Chinese Traditional Festivals
春节 The Spring Festival
元宵节 The Lantern Festival
清明节 The Pure Brightness Festival
端午节 The Dragon Boat Festival
七夕节 The Seventh Night Festival
中秋节 The Mid-autumn Festival
重阳节 The Double Ninth Festival
二十四节气 The Twenty-four Solar Terms

DVD2: 中国人物 Chinese Figures
孙子 Sunzi
孟子 Mencius
关羽 Guan Yu
诸葛亮 Zhuge Liang
玄奘 Xuanzhuang
李白和杜甫Li Bai and Du Fu
孙中山 Sun Yat-sen
鲁迅 Lu Xun
老舍 Lao She
雷锋 Lei Feng

DVD3: 中国故事Chinese Stories
孟姜女 Meng Jiangnu
梁山伯与祝英台 Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai
牛郎织女 The Weavin-girl and the Herd-boy
白蛇传 Legend of the White-snake
嫦娥奔月 Chang’e Flew to the Moon
木兰从军 Mulan Joined the Army
大禹治水 Yu Tanned Rivers
鲁班的传说 Legend of Luban
八仙的传说 Legend of the Eight Immortals
包公与陈世美 Lord Bao and Chen Shimei

DVD4: 中国文明与艺术 Chinese Civilization and Art
中国历史 Chinese History
诗经与楚辞 The Book of Songs and The Songs of the South
唐诗与宋词 Tang Poetry and Song Poetry (Song Ci)
中国四大名著 上 Four Chinese Classic Novels (I)
中国四大名著 下 Four Chinese Classic Novels (II)
地方戏 Local Operas
曲艺 Folk Art Forms
中国民歌 Chinese Folk Songs
易经与八卦 The Book of Changes and The Eight Trigrams
风水 Fengshui
气功 Qigong

DVD5: 汉族的姓名 Surnames and Personal Names of the Han Nationality
中国的十二生肖 Twelve Symbolic Animals of China
凤凰 Phoenix
动物 上 Animal (I)
动物 下 Animals (II)
植物 Plants
颜色 Colors
对联 Couplet
灯笼,锣鼓,烟花爆竹 Lanterns, Gongs and Drums, and Fireworks
中国人的生日 Chinese Birthday
中国人的婚嫁 Chinese Marriage
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Getting to Know China: A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture (Album 4 with 5DVD)