Easy Steps to Chinese 1: Workbook

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Author: Ma Yamin; Li Xinying;
Language: Simplified Chinese & English
Format: 1 Book
Page: 180
Publication Date: 10/2007
ISBN: 9787561916513
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Series: Easy Steps to Chinese
This is the 1st Vol. Workbook of Easy Steps to Chinese series, providing exercises closely related to the content in the 1st Vol. textbook. There are exercises for each lesson, 5 units of reviews and tests, and the vocabulary list indexed on pinyin. With items like Character Writing, Translation, Reading Comprehension, Simulative Writing, etc, it cultivates the students' language abilities comprehensively. The workbook is two-color printed.
Table of Contents
Unit 1 Lesson 1 Pinyin.Basic Strokes
Lesson 2 Pinyin,Numbers
Lesson 3 Greetings

Unit 2 Lesson 4 Dates
Lesson 5 Age
Lesson 6 Telephone Number

Unit 3 Lesson 7 Familv Members
Lesson 8 Self-introduction
Lesson 9 Occupation

Unit 4 Lesson 10 Time
Lesson 11 Daily Routine
Lesson 12 Means of Transport

Unit 5 Lesson 13 Colours
Lesson 14 Clothing
Lesson 15 Parts of the Body

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Sample pages of Easy Steps to Chinese 1: Workbook (ISBN:9787561916513)
Easy Steps to Chinese 1: Workbook