Easy Steps to Chinese 4: Workbook

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This is the 4th Vol. Workbook of Easy Steps to Chinese series, providing exercises closely related to the content in the 4th Vol. Textbook. There are exercises for each lesson, 5 units of reviews and tests, and the vocabulary list indexed on pinyin.
Compared with the previous three volumes, this volume puts more emphasis on the training of students' reading and writing ability, adds more exercise types such as "Extension Reading", "Reading Comprehension", etc., and the brief introduction of China as well.
With items like Make Sentences, English-Chinese Translation, Write Words or Sentences According to the Pictures, Reading Comprehension, Write Dialogues Following the Example, it cultivates the students' language abilities comprehensively. The workbook is two-color printed.

Yamin Ma, B.A. in English Language and Literature, and M.A. in Education, is currently a Chinese teacher in Island School, Hong Kong. Ma has gained years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and she actively keeps up with the trends of AP Chinese Test in U.S. and the IB Chinese Test in Europe. Her research covers English language teaching, Chinese language teaching and educational psychology. She has read and published a number of papers in international conferences.
Table of Contents
Unit 1
Lesson 1 亲戚
Lesson 2 长相
Lesson 3 看病

Unit 2
Lesson 4 季节
Lesson 5 职业
Lesson 6 爱好

Unit 3
Lesson 7 科目
Lesson 8 学校设施
Lesson 9 文具

Unit 4
Lesson 10 菜市场
Lesson 11 零食
Lesson 12 外出就餐

Unit 5
Lesson 13 社区
Lesson 14 问路
Lesson 15 邻居
Easy Steps to Chinese 4: Workbook