Happy China - Learning Chinese: Xin Jiang Volume 2 (Including a DVD)

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Author: CCTV, Happy China-Learning Chinese Program Team;
Language: English
Format: Paper, DVD-Video
Page: 202
Publication Date: 03/2011
ISBN: 9787561916599
Series: Happy China-Learning Chinese
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Usage Advice: To be used as a self-teaching material by intermediate-level and advanced-level learners or as a textbook for an elective audio-visual-oral course

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

The Xinjiang Volume in the series Happy Chinaļ¼Learning Chinese consists of 30 episodes, which are divided into two volumes. This is Volume 2, which presents the enchanting landscapes of Guozigou Valley (the best scenic spot in Ili, Xinjiang), Sayram Lake and Kanas Lake and introduces the various folkways of ethnic minorities such as Uygurs, Xibes and Tuvans to learners so that they can get to know China and Chinese language during an aesthetic journey. The book includes such parts as Conversations, Words and Expressions, Notes, Substitution Drills and Key Sentence Explanations; it can be used as an audio-visual-oral textbook or a self-teaching material.
Happy China - Learning Chinese: Xin Jiang Volume 2 (Including a DVD)