Opinion of China: Insight into International Hotspot Issues

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Firstly,seen from the background against which big powers adjust their global strategies,the implementation of its Asia—Pacific rebalancing strategy by the U.S was an important driving factor for the signing of theagreement on the Iraruan nuclear issue The most distinctive adjustment ofthe U.S global strategy during Obama's eight—year tenure of office is the shift of U.S strategic center to the Asia—Pacific region for the purpose of comprehensively curbing and preventing the challenge presented by China,a country that rises up rapiclly to challenge its interests in the region,even arouncl the globe with political.economic and diplomatic means.Therefore,the Uruted States needed to concentrate resource.s and strcngth to implement such new strategic cleploymcnt,and was eager to transfcr some strategic resources from the Middle East to Faf East and the Asia—Pacific region The prolonged Iranian nuclear issue cost the U.S.too much energy and resources.Neither UN sanction nor unilateral sanction of the U.S rcndered Iran to make substantial concession.
Opinion of China: Insight into International Hotspot Issues