Contemporary Chinese Society: Basic Systems and Daily Life

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About Author
Li Lulu,Ph.D in Sociology, professor of the Department of Sociology, Renmin University of China, Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education between 2012 and 2017 and the Chairman of the Undergraduate Teaclung Steering Committee for Sociology of the Institutions of Higher Learning under the Ministry of Education. His major research interests: Social Stratification and Mobility, Organizational Studies and Modernization. He plays an important part in research of domestic social transformation theory and explanation of domestic class reproduction theory and is also one of the earliest researchers on the unit system and unit organization. He is one of the co-initiators of the China General Social Survey (CGSS) and the co-investigator and investigator for the 1st and 2nd issue of the Survey. The CGSS is the first systematic, continuous, open and large-scale social science survey program based on sample interviews nationwide in China.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 China's Basic Political System
Ⅰ.China's fundamental political system: the system of people's congresses
Ⅱ.China's political party system: the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China
Ⅲ.The National Ⅰnstitutions and Organization Principle of China

Chapter 2 The Population of Chinese Society
Ⅰ.A populous country: the history and current situation of Chinese population
Ⅱ.The benefit for future generations: the formulation and implementation of the family planning policy
Ⅲ.Aging of population: a huge challenge faced by Chinese society
Ⅳ.To act according to circumstances: major adjustment of the family planning policy
Ⅴ.The flow of migrant workers:the emergence and plight of migrant workers

Chapter 3 The Marriage and Families of Chinese Society
Ⅰ.Traditional Chinese families and clans
Ⅱ.The change of families in contemporary China
Ⅲ.Traditional marriage system of China
Ⅳ.Change of marriage in contemporary China

Chapter 4 Education of Chinese Society
Ⅰ.The ancient Chinese education system and thought
Ⅱ.The eastward transmission of western sciences and education for the masses in modern China
Ⅲ.The education system of contemporary China

Chapter 5 The Social Structure of China
Ⅰ.The equality and inequality in Chinese society
Ⅱ.The difference between urban and rural areas of Chinese society
Ⅲ.The occupational structure of Chinese society
Ⅳ.China's regional structure and regional imbalance

Chapter 6 The Social Security System of China
Ⅰ.The establishment of the social security system of contemporary China
Ⅱ.“People-oriented”: China's social security system

Chapter 7 The Environment and Resources of Chinese Society
Ⅰ.China's severe environmental pollution
Ⅱ.China's environmental protection measures
Ⅲ.China's international cooperation in environmental protection and management

Chapter 8 Ⅰnternet and Chinese Society
Ⅰ.Chinese people's ways of socializing and the Ⅰnternet
Ⅱ.The change of Chinese people's consumption pattern
Ⅲ.The change of Chinese people's entertainment
Ⅳ.We-Media era
Ⅴ.The Ⅰnternet has started a new model of political supervision

Chapter 9 The Character of Chinese People
Ⅰ.The family concept of Chinese people
Ⅱ.Chinese people's human relationship
Ⅲ.Chinese people who are concerned about face-saving
Ⅳ.“Moderate” Chinese people
Ⅴ.Hardworking Chinese people
Contemporary Chinese Society: Basic Systems and Daily Life