Recognizing and Understanding China Series: Trends of The Times: The Historial Role of the Communist Pary of China

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This book examines the history and major events of the Communist Party of China (the CPC) through the context of how the CPC has responding to the new challenges of each era. It views the history of the Party as a history of constantly responding to new challenges, a history of correctly assessing situations, a history of following the tide of the times, and a history of triumph. The book ultimately focuses the lens on the Party's real development. It points out that the CPC shall be guided by the “Five Primary Concepts of Development” and driven by the goal of “catching up with the times”. The Party shall use scientific methods in making any forecasts, maintain the morale to keep abreast with the pace of the times and never forget the overarching ideal as it moves forward. By doing so, the CPC will be able to tirelessly follow the tide of the times, bravely face off against new challenges, act as the leader of each era, and forever maintain its progressiveness.

About Author
Li Junru, fellow researcher, Ph. D supervisor and beneficiary of special allowance of the State Council, is the former vice president of the CPC Central Party School, member of the 10th CPPCC, member of the Eleventh CPPCC Standing Committee, and member of the advisory board for the Central Marxism Theoretical Research and Construction Program. He is the Vice President of the China Society for Human Rights Studies. He formerly served as Assistant President of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Mao Zedong Thought Research Center, Director of the Deng Xiaoping Theory Research Center, Deputy Director of the Division of Theoretical Studies of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, and Deputy Director of the Party History Research Office of the CPC Central Committee. He presided over the development of the Guidelines on Studying Comrade Deng Xiaoping's Theory of the Construction of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and the Guidelines on Studying a Number of Theories and Issues Related to Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Professor Li is a prolific writer who has published 18 volumes of Li Junru Works and hundreds of academic papers, many of which have won national award.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1The Era that the CPC Is in
(Ⅰ)The Times, the Theme of the Times and the Times Trend
(Ⅱ)Epochal Characteristics of the Four Periods in the 95 Years? History of the CPC
(Ⅲ)1921-1949: The CPC in War and Revolution
(Ⅳ)1949-1956: The CPC in the Cold War and the Socialist Movement Torrent
(Ⅴ)1956-1978: The CPC in the National Independence Movement and the Trend of Late?modernization
(Ⅵ)1978-Up to Now: The CPC under the Theme of Peace and Development and in the Trend of Reform
Chapter 2The CPC that Conforms to the Times Trend
(Ⅰ)Start from Xi Jinping?s Statement
(Ⅱ)Why Is It “He Who Conforms to It Shall Survive, He Who Resists It Shall Perish”?
(Ⅲ)“I Ask, on This Bondless Land, Who Rules over Man?s Destiny?”
(Ⅳ)“National Conditions” and “the Times”
(Ⅴ)Global Vision and Historical Thinking
Chapter 3The Communist Party of China that Deftly Rides the Waves of the Times
(Ⅰ)From the Dispute on “High Tides” and “Low Ebbs” after the Failure of the Great Revolution
(Ⅱ)Reread “Why Is It that Red Political Power Can Exist in China?”by Mao Zedong
(Ⅲ)The Second Hand Shake between Kuomintang and the Communist Party, and Counter Measures in Response to Kuomintang?s Sweeping Anti?Communist Tides
(Ⅳ)From Issuance of the Statement of the People?s Liberation Army and the Labor Day Slogan to the Birth of a New China
(Ⅴ)On Ten Major Relationships and Analysis of International Situation
(Ⅵ)Delay of War, Rapid Development of New Technology, and Shift of Focus of the Party?s Work
(Ⅶ)Political Turmoil at Home and Abroad and the Development of the Socialist Market Economy
(Ⅷ)The Communist Party?s Historical Position and Enhancement of Its Ruling Capability
(Ⅸ)The Trend of Sustainable Development and Change of Patterns of Economic Development
(Ⅹ)The New Great Struggle and Governance of State
Chapter 4The Communist Party of China Who Dares to Guide and Lead the Tide of the Times
(Ⅰ)Starting from Xi Jinping?s “Guidance and Leadership of the Concept”
(Ⅱ)The Goal of Catching Up with the Times
(Ⅲ)Method: Scientific Predictions
(Ⅳ)Mental Status: To Keep Abreast with the Times
(Ⅴ)Be Strong?willed: Stay True to the Mission and Keep Moving Forward
Recognizing and Understanding China Series: Trends of The Times: The Historial Role of the Communist Pary of China