A Dictionary of Chinese Usage 5000 Words

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This is a concise and practical abridged Chinese dictionary aimed at helping foreigners and overseas Chinese to learn Chinese, or HSK examinees prepare for the test. This dictionary is also helpful for teachers who teach overseas students Chinese. This dictionary has 5000 words based on the Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus promulgated by Hanban in September 2009, and introduces to readers the standardized aspects of Chinese language, including: morphology, pronunciation, word grading, parts of speech, and usage. This dictionary has the following features: 1.The traditional Chinese characters accompany entries where applicable so as to help the foreigners, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots to recognize and read the characters. 2. Each entry is annotated in pinyin in accordance with the Scheme for the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet. 3. The entries are graded into six levels based on the Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus and demonstrate the latest word grading of HSK test. 4. The entries are explained in both English and simple Chinese so as to help Chinese language learners, especially beginners, gain an easy yet accurate understanding of the entries. 5. Each entry offers at least three examples, all of which are annotated in pinyin. In this way, Chinese language learners will not only easily comprehend the meaning of each item, but also learn Putonghua.

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by Xuan D Tran on 2015-11-28 02:11:34
Excellent Dictionary
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A Dictionary of Chinese Usage 5000 Words