A Dictionary of Chinese Praise and Blame Words

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  • Author: Wang Guozhang;
  • Language: Chinese & Pinyin & English
  • Format: 1 Book
  • Page: 468
  • Publication Date: 01/1999
  • ISBN: 7800525724
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Praise and blame words have fairly strong expressive capabilities, enableing people to express a clear-cut emotional or judgmental attitude. However, if used inappropriately, it is detrimental to the accurate expression of meaning, and may even give rise to misunderstandings.

This dictionary is intended for foreign learners to increase their Chinese. It is also beneficial to Chinese readers.

Contains over 1000 entries, including modern Chinese words, set phrases and idioms with praise or blame connotations; also includes a small number of common respectful and humble phrases and polite formulas.

Each entry is accompanied by word in character, pronunciation, grammatical category, meaning, usage, affective connotation, fixed phrases, examples, synonyms, etc.
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A Dictionary of Chinese Praise and Blame Words