The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary - Chinese & English Bilingual

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Language: Chinese & English & Pinyin
Format: 21.8 x 16.2 x 6.6 cm
Page: 2698
Publication Date: 01/2003
ISBN: 7560031951, 9787560031958
One of the most updated Chinese-English dictionaries published in 2003, this dictionary contains more than 56,000 entries including characters, words, phrases, colloquialisms and idioms of standard Chinese.  You can look up the Chinese words by their Pinyin pronunciations.  The dictionary is an excellent source of reference material, since it does not only provide the meanings in English, but also explains a term's historical background, origin and significance.  A must-have for anyone who is serious about learning Chinese.
Table of Contents
汉英双语版前言Preface to the Chinese-English Edition
(中文版)修订说明Notes on the Revised Chinese Edition
(中文版)凡例Guide to Using the Dictionary
音节表Phonetic Guide
新旧字形对照表Table of Comparison between Old and New Character Forms
部首检字表Radicals Guide to Entries
词典正文(附新词新义、西文字母开头的词语)The Dictionary(including New Wordsand New Senses,and Acronyms and Words Beginning with Greek or Latin Letters)
我国历代纪元表Chronology of Chinese History
计量单位表Tables of Weights and Measures
汉字偏旁名称表Names of Radicals of Chinese Characters
汉语拼音方案Phonetic System of the Chinese Language
元素周期表Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (封三InsideBackCOver)
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The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary - Chinese & English Bilingual