The Time River

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A collection of succinct sketches of the native soil and a nostalgic symphony of emotional attachment, The Time River, delineated with the liveliest and most unsparing strokes of the pen, reintroduces the unbleached beauty of China’s village, once considered backward, ignorant and rude. In the calm yet powerful narratives of the author, the small villages of central China, along with their inconsequential inhabitants and their simple stories, radiate a vigorous sheen of life and etch themselves into our memory as treasures for us to cherish.
Table of Contents
The Burning Cornfield
Tan the Fourth, Leader of the Eighth Production Team
Ma Xi, Leader of the "Prairie Fire Combat Unit"
Wu Musan, the Ball-biting Louse
Wang Gubo
Gangquan's Ma
Gouwang, the Scoundrel
Niu Xiaofang, the Pig Castrator
Guo Jun
My First Taste of Beef
Mr Liu's Henan Cuisine
Old Pao, Leader of the Ninth Production Team
The Tragic Life of Wang Zeng
Ding Mao, an Urban Youth Back in the Village
Jiang Yue, a Revolutionary Veteran
The Time River