Barron's Dictionary of Banking Terms

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Barbelling an investment portfolio through the heavy use of short-term andlong-term issues, with few securities of intermediate maturity, is designed tomaximize liquidity, with minimal market impact from the short-term issues,while the long-term debt brings the highest yield and the highest return. Thisstrategy, of course, does not make much sense when the yield curve is flat,that is , when short-term rates are roughly the same as long-term rates, orat the yield curve is inverted and short-term rates are higher than thosethe long end. See also LADDERED PORTFOLIO.
BARTER [易货,易货贸易] trade of goods or services without the exchangeof cash,checks, or another form of monetary payment. A barter systemfunctions as a local currency system for exchanging products of comparablevalue.Barter trading facilitates import—export commerce by less—developedcountries lacking HARD CURRENCY reserves through a form of barter knownas counter—trade.
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Barron's Dictionary of Banking Terms