Barron's Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

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COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION(社区联盟)general name for any organization of property owners to oversee some common interest.In a CONDOMINIUM or planned unit development,the association has the responsibility of managing the COMMON ELEMENTS in the project.A HOMEOWNERS' ASSOCATION may be established in a SUBDIVISION to enforce deed COVENANTS.
Example: The COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS INSTITUTE(CAI)is a not—for—profit organization to assist in the establishment and operation of community associations.Their materials are helpful in setting up the association,maintenance of common elements,enforcing bylaws,and collecting monthly fees.
COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS INSTITUTE(CAI)(社区协会研究所)a not—for—profit educational and research organization concerned with the problems of managing homeowners' associations and other community associations(such as CONDOMINIUM owners associations).CAI sponsors educational seminars and publishes various handbooks and brochures.
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Barron's Dictionary of Real Estate Terms