Barron's Dictionary of International Business Terms

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Table of Contents
How to Use This Book Effectively
Appendix A International Abbreviations and Acronyms
Appendix B Internet Abbreviations and Acronyms
Appendix C United States and Overseas Contacts for Major Foreign Markets
Appendix D International Trade Commission Offices
Appendix E U.S.Customs Officers in Foreign Countries
Appendix F U.S.Customs Regions and Districts
Appendix G Multilingual Reference Table
Appendix H Weights and Measures Conversion Table
Appendix I Currency Index
Appendix J International Business Resources on the World Wide Web
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INTERNATIONAL LOANS (国际贷款) a column that appears perioclically iri the IOURNAL OF COMMERCE.It lists loans being made by the WORLD BANK and other financial institutions.The information furnished in the column provides leads for companies supplying the goods and services financed by these loans.
the divisiori of the INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE resporisible, for policing acts of fraud, piracy, and other forms of criminal activity during the transportation of goods internationally.Agents for the International Maritime Bureau search for stolen or diverted CARCO and ships and false or stolen documents and passports.Agents for the IMB travel around the world under the authority of the IMB MULTILATERAL TREATY to which all members of the ORGANIZATION OF ECONOMIC COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT (OECD) have consented.see also INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMFRCE; INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL POLICE ORGANIZATION (INTERPOL).
Barron's Dictionary of International Business Terms