Barron's Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms

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Table of Contents
Visual Dictionary of Characters and Symbols
Country Codes for Top—Level Domains
How to Stay Safe on the Internet
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callout (标注,图注) the line and caption marking the specific parts of a labeled illustration.For examples, see Figure 303 at WINDOW.
cam (照相机,摄像机) abbreviation for camera, especially a digital or video camera whose images are made available by computer network.For instance, a camera connected to the World Wide Web is a webcam; a camera mounted on a tower is a towercam; and a camera strapped to the back of a horse might be called a horsecam.
CAM (Computer—Aided Manufacturing) (计算机辅助制造) the use of computers in a manufacturing process.For example, a computer could store a threedimensional representation of an object and then control the manufacture of the object by automated machinery.Some of the principles of CAM are the same as with computer—aided design (see CAD), and sometimes a system is referred to as CAD/CAM.
camel notation (驼峰式命名法) a way of combining words by running them together.capitalizing every word except the first: this IS An Example.A word written this way has a low head and one or more humps,like a camel.Contrast PASCAL NOTATION.See INTERCAPS.
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Barron's Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms