A Chinese Grammar for English Speakers

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Table of Contents

Part One: Parts of Speech词类 
Chapter 1 Nouns名词
Chapter 2 Pronouns代词
Chapter 3 Verbs动词
Chapter 4 Auxiliary Verbs助动词
Chapter 5 Adjectives形容词
Chapter 6 Adverbs副词
Chapter 7 Numerals数词
Chapter 8 Measure Words量词
Chapter 9 Ptepositions介词
Chapter 10 Conjunctions连词

Part Two: Parts of the Sentence句子成分
Chapter 11 Subject, Verb, and Object主谓宾
Chapter 12 Attributives定语
Chapter 13 Adverbials状语
Chapter 14 Complements补语

Part Three: Special Sentence Patterns特殊句式
Chapter 15 Verbless Ptedicates非动词谓语
Chapter 16 Emphatic Constructions强调结构
Chapter 17 Copular Sentences“是”字句
Chapter 18 The Bo Sentences“把”字句
Chapter 19 The Bei Sentence“被”字句
Chapter 20 Existential Sentences存现句
Chapter 21 Comparisons比较句
Chapter 22 Pivotal Sentences兼语句

Part Four: Sentence Types句类
Chapter 23 Interrogative Sentences疑问句
Chapter 24 Imperative Sentences祈使句
Chapter 25 Exclamatory Sentences感叹句

Part Five: Time and Aspects时与态
Chapter 26 Ptesent, Past, and Future现在、过去、将来
Chapter 27 The Perfective Aspect完成态
Chapter 28 The Transformative Aspect变化态
Chapter 29 The Experiential Aspect经历态
Chapter 30 The Progressive Aspect进行态
Chapter 31 The Durative Aspect持续态

Part Six: Punctuation Marks标点符号
Chapter 32 Commas逗号
Chapter 33 Separation Marks点号
Chapter 34 Indication Marks标号

Appendix Ⅰ Characters and Words字与词
Appendix Ⅱ Chinese Radicals汉字部首表
Appendix Ⅲ Chinese Phonetic Transcription汉语标音法
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A Chinese Grammar for English Speakers