The Marriage Customs in China

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Author: Wanyan Shaoyuan;
Language: English
Page: 62
Publication Date: 05/2010
ISBN: 9787532554430, 7532554430
Table of Contents
Introduction: From the Sibling Marriage to the Arranged Marriage
The Sibling (or Kindred) Marriage
Romance in the Wild
Couple for a Day, Love Forever
The Historical Trend in the Pairing Marriage
A Match Made in Heaven
Parents' Ultimate Sanction in Their Children's Marriages
Children's Secret Love
Matchmaker's Words to Guarantee Marriage
Studying Names and Birth Dates
Tea as a Betrothal Gift
Choosing an Auspicious Day
Delivery of the Dowry: Prelude to a Wedding
Double Concerto of Step-by-Step Preparations
March of Urging the Bride to Put on Makeup and Sending
the Dowry
Symphony of Happiness and Sorrow at the Departure
The Nuptial Wine: Climax of the Wedding
Entering the Sedan Chair
Covering the Bride with a Red Veil
Performing the Formal Wedding Ceremony
The Nuptial Wine
Teasing in the Bridal Chamber
Visiting the Bride's Family
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The Marriage Customs in China