The Marriage Customs in China

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Table of Contents
Introduction: From the Sibling Marriage to the Arranged Marriage
The Sibling (or Kindred) Marriage
Romance in the Wild
Couple for a Day, Love Forever
The Historical Trend in the Pairing Marriage
A Match Made in Heaven
Parents' Ultimate Sanction in Their Children's Marriages
Children's Secret Love
Matchmaker's Words to Guarantee Marriage
Studying Names and Birth Dates
Tea as a Betrothal Gift
Choosing an Auspicious Day
Delivery of the Dowry: Prelude to a Wedding
Double Concerto of Step-by-Step Preparations
March of Urging the Bride to Put on Makeup and Sending
the Dowry
Symphony of Happiness and Sorrow at the Departure
The Nuptial Wine: Climax of the Wedding
Entering the Sedan Chair
Covering the Bride with a Red Veil
Performing the Formal Wedding Ceremony
The Nuptial Wine
Teasing in the Bridal Chamber
Visiting the Bride's Family
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Sample pages of The Marriage Customs in China (ISBN:9787532554430, 7532554430)

Sample pages of The Marriage Customs in China (ISBN:9787532554430, 7532554430)

In the traditional literary works and the folk customof appellation, the relationship between brothersand sisters was usually used to express lovers'passionate affection and good wishes for having ahappy marriage, just as a widespread folk song inChina called Love Song of Lushengsings, "Brothers and sisters have a deep affection, as ifthe plantain grows from one root..." In fact, it is avivid description of the oldest custom that the kindredmarriages within the same clan were dividedaccording to generations. In such a family pattern,only the marriage of the linear relatives was excluded,like the marriage between an ancestor and his or heroffspring, or a parent and his or her child. Brothersand sisters with the same parents and cousins were allviewed as brothers and sisters in the same generation,so, they were allowed to get married.
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The Marriage Customs in China