The Marriage Customs Among China‘s Ethnic Minority Groups - Ethnic Cultures of China

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Language: Chinese, English
Format: 23 x 17.2 x 1 cm
Page: 136
Publication Date: 10/2006
ISBN: 9787508510033
For any social or ethnic group,rites and marriage customs are invariably all essential expression of their unique character.This book will introduce you the colorful marriage customs prevalent among Chinas ethnic minority groups.The abundance and diversity of these customs,which vary from region to region and from people to people,is quite amazing.The book seeks to introduce some of the typical marriage customs of ethnic minorities as well as some that still prevail in the vast rural and pastoral areas.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ The Customs of Social Intercourses Before Marriage 
Ⅰ.Coming of Age 
Ⅱ.SocialIntercourse Before Marriage 
Ⅲ.Making Promises of Love 
Chapter Ⅱ Intermarriage and the Customs of Choosing A Mate 
Ⅰ.Intermarriage within the Same Ethnic Group 
Ⅱ.Intergroup Marriage 
Chapter Ⅲ The Making of Betrothal 
Ⅰ.Formal Wedding 
Ⅱ.Elopement,Marriage by Kidnapping,and Escape from Marriage 
Ⅲ.Marriage Arrangements during Pregnancy,Marriage by Purchase,Walking Marriage and others 
Chapter Ⅳ Wedding Customs 
Ⅰ.Wedding Celebrated With Song and Dance 
Ⅱ.Weeping Before Marriage 
Ⅲ.Ceremonies Which Dont Involve Worshiping Heaven and Delayed Consummation 
Ⅳ.Solemn Wedding Ceremony 
Ⅴ.Walking Marriage Trip 
Ⅵ.Blessing Ceremonies 
Ⅶ.Creating Difficulties for Pleasure 
Ⅷ.Repeated Weddings 
Chapter Ⅴ Maritalai Maintenance Customs 
Ⅰ.Residing Styles After Marriage 
Ⅱ.Cultural Mechanism of Keeping Out the'Third Party' 
Chapter Ⅵ Divorce 
Ⅰ.Understanding of Divorce in Different Cultures and Societies 
Ⅱ.Divorce Material Compensation and Child Custody Issues
Ⅲ.Means of Divorce 
Chapter Ⅶ Living in Widowhood and Remarrying 
Ⅰ.Living in Widowhood 
Ⅱ.Limited Remarriage
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The Marriage Customs Among China‘s Ethnic Minority Groups - Ethnic Cultures of China