Minority Religions of China - Ethnic Cultures of China

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Language: English
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Page: 136
Publication Date: 08/2007
ISBN: 9787508511665
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China is a unified multinational and multireligion country. In the endless flow of history, the traditional religious culture of its minority nationalities occupies a position that cannot be neglected in any study of the nation's religious history, with its ethnic characteristics and pluralist pattern.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ Original Religions and Folk Religions of Chinese Minorities 
Ⅰ.Origin of Primitive Religious Beliefs 
Ⅱ.Original Religions of Chinese Ethnic Minorities 
Ⅲ.Folk Religion of Chinese Minorities 
Chapter Ⅱ Taoist Belief among Chinese Minorities 
Ⅰ.Taoism of the Yao Ethnic Group 
Ⅱ.The Influence of Taoism on Other Ethnic Minorities 
Chapter Ⅲ Buddhist Belief Among Chinese Minorltles 
Ⅰ.Ethnic Minorities and Tibetan Buddhism 
Ⅱ.Ethnic Minorities and Southern Buddhism 
Ⅲ.Ethnic Minorities and Inland Buddhism 
Chapter Ⅳ Chinese Minorities and Islamic Belief 
Ⅰ.Hui Ethnic Group and Islam 
Ⅱ.Uygur Ethnic Group and Islam 
Ⅲ.Other Ethnic Groups Belief in Islam 
Chapter Ⅴ Christian Belief of Chinese Minorities 
Ⅰ.Ethnic Minorities and Catholicism 
Ⅱ.Ethnic Minorities and Orthodox Church 
Ⅲ.Ethnic Minorities and Protestantism 
Chapter Ⅵ 'Historical Religions' of Chinese Minorities 
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Minority Religions of China - Ethnic Cultures of China