Charming Xinjiang: The Customs in Xinjiang

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Table of Contents
Distinctive Costume, Accommodation & Transportation 
Colorful Costumes 
Homes Surrounded by Green Trees 
Convenient Traditional Transportations 
Love, Marriage & Family 
Link of Domestic Affection: Family 
Unique Marriage Customs 
Procreation Customs & Procreation Healthcare 
Diverse Naming Customs 
Unique Life Ceremonies 
Birth Ceremony 
Naming Ceremony 
Full Month Ceremony 
Full Year Ceremony 
Hair—Cutting Ceremony 
Hospitable & Courteous Folk Customs 
Friends from Afar 
Meeting Etiquettes of Different Styles 
Virtues for Respecting the Old and Cherishing the Young 
Mutual Assistance and Friendly Affection 
Bata Ceremony Endowed with Divine Strength 
Hands—Washing Ceremony 
Jubitant & Grand Festivals 
Religious Festivals 
Folk Festivals 
Magnificent & Colorful Recreational Activities 
Wonderful and Exciting Traditional Sports 
A Rich Variety of Folk Recreational Activities 
Brain—Training and Body—Building Games for Children 
Bustling & Extraordinary Bazaar 
Tracing the Footprints of Bazaar 
Bazaar: the Soul of Oasis Life 
Distinctive Bazaar Characteristics
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Traditional costumes of minorities in Xinjiang possess different styles and bright colors, implicating rich local features. Men prefer nuttiness, benefit, comfort and convenience and the effect of white and black, while women are enamored of beauty so they prefer beautiful and gorgeous costumes and also love those with contrasting colors, making red more bright and green more fresh. The dresses and costumes of women are like flowers blooming in spring with amazing colors. Men and women wear colorful flower hats, head scarves, multicolored dresses, glittery brooches, necklaces and earrings. Seen from a distance, a group of these people is just like a garden, and each one is like a flower.

Colorful Embroidery Hats
Embroidery hat "Doppa" is the most distinctive headwear of the Uygur ethnic group. All Uygur people like such four-edge small flower hat with fine embroidery. Embroidery hat is not only a costume, but also an exquisite handicraft article. The Uygur flower hat has more than ten patterns, of which, Badam, Chimen, Mardzan and Gilem flower hats are their favorites. Flower hats are always embroidered with various patterns with black and white silk thread or multicolored silk thread. People's preference to these hats varies with different ages and different regions, therefore, the patterns are designed with thousands of styles. These flower hats with different patterns are studded with pearls with dazzling brilliance; some are solemn and elegant, harmonious and natural; some are angular and with tight-knit patterns; some have flat and round shapes, and soft colors; some look like fertile farmland in harvest and some look like a garden with flowers blooming in a riot of color. Wearing such hats, young men appear handsome, young women appear more beautiful, children appear lively and lovely, and the middle-aged and the old appear solemn and dignified.

Colorful dresses
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Charming Xinjiang: The Customs in Xinjiang