Charming Xinjiang: The Diversity of Xinjiang

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Table of Contents
The Mystical and Ancient Religious Beliefs 
The Mystical Primitive Religions in Xinjiang 
The Mysterious Shamanism in Xinjiang 
The Multi syncretism of Foreign Reigions 
Zoroastrianism—Setting a Precedent of the First Foreign Religion of Xinjiang 
Buddhism—Buddha's Light Shining on the Oasis Cities and States 
Taoism—The Only Religion Spread to Xinjiang from the Central Plains 
Manichaeism—Another Religion Introduced into Xinjiang from Ancient Persia 
Nestorianism—The Earliest Christian Denomination Introduced into China 
Islam—The Latest of the World's Three Major Religions Introduced into Xinjiang 
The Religious Policy of Harmonious Coexistence 
The Contemporary Religious Status in Xinjiang 
Conscientiously Implement the Policy of Religious Freedom
Strengthen the Management of Religious Affairs According to Law 
Adhere to the Principle of Independence and Self—Governance 
Actively Guide Religions to Adapt to Socialist Society 
The Ancient Religious Paces of Interest 
The World—Famous Buddha Caves and Temples 
The Time—Honored Mosques and Mazars 
The Unique Religious Festivals
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Charming Xinjiang: The Diversity of Xinjiang