Charming Xinjiang: Historic Sites in Xinjiang

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Author: Gao Jing;
Language: English
Page: 192
Publication Date: 08/2014
ISBN: 9787508528557
Table of Contents
Ancient charm 
Primitive Village Ruins in Sidaogou 
Ancient Rock Paintings in Bozhou 
Dundun Bay Rock Painting 
Sanju Rock Painting 
Kyzyl Tasi Rock Paintings 
Xiobrag Ancient Tomb 
Grasslan Stone Man 
Romantic charm of ancient cities 
Stone City 
Tuokuzisalai Ruins 
Pantuo City 
Akto Ancient Ruins of the Han Dynasty 
Beiting Protectorate 
Ancient Ruins of Gaochang 
Jiaohe Ruins 
Tekes Eight—diagram City 
Qiu Ci Ruins 
Ancient City of Tungusic Bash 
Ancient City of Loulan 
Niya's Relics 
Old City of Malikewate Relics 
Ruins of Yotkan 
Ruins of the Old City ofAke Spear 
Ruins of the Gucheng County of Kara Pier 
Ruins of the Old City of Bo Shituo Hu Mubarak 
Ruins of the Han and Tang Dynasties Ancient Garrison Fort of Mazartag Mountain 
Dahe Tang City 
Kizil Ga Ha Beacon Tower 
Beacon Towers on Hami Silk Road 
Iron Gate Pass 
Kuche Princes City 
Man Han Palace 
Karamay Qing Dynasty Relic 
Sugong Tower 
The Ulanbay Ancient City 
Ancient City of White Water (Baishui Jiandao Ancient City) 
Huiyuan Ancient City 
Gordon Hill Tablet Merits 
Hathpace Residence 
Underground Great Wall—Millennial Rhythm of Karez 
Silk Road—Melodious Camel Bell Sound 
Relics of cave temples 
Sanxian Cave Grottoes 
Kizil Caves 
Simsim Thousand—Buddha Cave 
Kumtura Grotto 
Shikchin Thousand—Buddha Cave 
Bezeklik Thousand—Buddha Cave 
Thousand—Buddha Cave of Tuyugou 
sound of temple bells 
Jevac Buddhist Temple Relics 
Moire Pagoda 
Zhao Huli Buddhist Temple 
Id Kah Mosque 
Kuche Mahavihara 
Yong'an Temple 
Tianshan Mountain Temple 
Khan Tengri Mahavihara 
The Confucius Temple 
Shengyou Temple 
Hui Temple ofYining 
Tomb—Solemn Sublimity 
Astana Tombs 
Wusun Mound Tombs 
Great Yimamujiapashadike Mazar Relics 
Tughlugh Timur Mazar 
Suri Tang Mazar—Ancient Tombs of Kara—Khanid Khanate 
Hami Khanate Prince Tombs 
Molana Eshiding Mazar 
Apak Hoja Tomb (Xiangfei Tomb) 
Mahmoud Kashgari Tomb 
Yusup Haas Hajifu Mazar 
Oman Nishahan Memorial Tomb 
Gus Tomb 
Ancient Yanbulake Tombs 
Tuyuq Asawulekaife Mazar 
Museum—the Epitome of the History 
Kuche Museum 
A Broad View on Shihezi Army Reclamation Culture 
Karamay Mine History Museum 
Xinjiang Museum 
Office Memorial of the Eighth Route Army in Xinjiang 
Xinjiang Geology & Mineral Resources Museum
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Charming Xinjiang: Historic Sites in Xinjiang