Charming Xinjiang: Magnificent Xinjiang

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Author: Xiao Bian;
Language: English
Page: 220
Publication Date: 08/2014
ISBN: 9787508528618
Table of Contents
The Topography and Climatic Characteristics of Xinjiang 
Topography Characteristics 
Climate Characteristics 
The Magnificence—High Mountains and Canyons in Xinjiang 
Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon 
Tomor Peak 
Bogda Peak 
The Fruit Valley 
The Mountain of Flames 
Glacier No.10fTianshan Mountains 
Muztagata Peak, Kongur Tagh, and Kongur Tobe Peak 
Qogir Feng(Qogir Peak) 
The Altay Mountains 
Altun Mountains Nature Reserve 
Other Scenic Spots 
The Beauty of Elegance—The Lakes in Xinxiang 
Kanas Lake 
Bosten Lake 
Sayram Lake 
Ebinur Lake 
Tianchi Lake in Tianshan Mountains 
Karakul Lake 
Barkol Lake 
Fish Lake 
Ayding Lake 
Chaiwopu Lake 
Salt Lake 
North Lake 
Bulunkul Lake 
Qiakelake Lake 
Pasir Puteh 
Sandao Hazi 
Big and Small Dragon Pools 
Ulungur Lake 
The Beauty of Boldness—Rivers in Xinjiang 
Tarim River 
Ili River 
Karamay River 
Irtysh River 
The Beauty of Vast—Grasslands in Xinjiang 
Bayinbuluke Grassland 
Hemu Grassland 
Yuqitashi Pasture 
Kulusitai Plain 
Deer Horn Bay Meadow 
Mongolian Temple Grassland 
Nalat plain 
Kunes Grassland 
Nanshan Pasture 
Argonne Getty Prairie 
The Beauty of Desolation and Grandness—Deserts in Xinjiang 
Taklimakan Desert 
Gurbantunggut Desert 
Kumtag Desert 
Dawakun Desert Scenic Spot 
Yingerlike Desert Oasis Scenic Spot 
Dream Camel Bell Slope 
Turpan Desert Botanical Garden 
The Beauty of Tenaciousness—Populus Euphratica in Xinjiang 
Populus Euphratica Forest Park 
Mulei primeval populus diversifolia wood 
Shaya Populus Euphratica Forest Natural Park 
Ganjiahu Haloxylon Wood Nature Reserve 
The Beauty of Fantasy—The Mystery of Demon Towns 
Urho Demon Town 
Jimsar Palette Town 
Qitai Demon Town 
Hami Demon Town 
Altay Palette Town 
Demon Town on the Sea
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Charming Xinjiang: Magnificent Xinjiang