I'm Going to Xinjiang

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Table of Contents
FOREWORD / Kurbanjan Samat
I'm Going to Xinjiang / Li Wenju
From Dream to Reality / Zhang Xin'gang
I Dedicated My Youth to Xinjiang / Chen Zongzhen
Enduring Love for Xinjiang / Wang Shijie
Director's Notes on Challenge / By Lü Ke
Li Qiuping: Cohesion Is Important for Winning the Championship
An Jong Euk & Shi Jifang: How We Have Changed After Meeting Each Other
Huang Zhenfei: A Versatile Businessman
Director's Notes on Encounter and Exploration / By Wu Hong
Zhou Lina: Love and Marriage Brought Me to Xinjiang
A Chao: I Hope to See More People Fall in Love with Xinjiang
Daniel Suckfuel: Seek and Find in Peace and Calm
Director's Notes on Trailblazing / By Li Xiaodong
Liu Sisi: I'm a Pole Dancer in Xinjiang
Wang Zhongjie: Heir of the Iron Man Spirit
Huang Changhui: We Have a Great Future Here
Xu Dongliang:The Silk Road Is a Lifetime Research Project for Me
Chen Changqing: Sunshine in Xinjiang, the Light of Hope
Liu Mingting: For a Better and More Prosperous Xinjiang
Director's Notes on Inspiration / By Zhou Hui
Wang Xiaodong: Let Buildings Grow: Integrating Buildings with the Environment
Shatu: Horse Whisperer
Wang Jinmei: Bringing the Pipa Back to Its Origin
Director's Notes on Crossover / By Yuan Yuan
Saddam Hussein: Going to Xinjiang Was My Best Choice
Wei Zechun & Luo Biao: How We Scaled the Heights of Love
Xing Rui: Xinjiang Has Changed the Trajectory of My Life
Director's Notes on Opportunities / By Wei Anjie
Peng Xiaochun: One Mission, Lifetime Devotion
Wang Lei: Xinjiang Can Become a Chinese Paradise for Skiers
Yang Minde: Going to Xinjiang Was My Greatest Decision Ever
Josh Summers: Turning Xinjiang into a Homeland
Wang Hao: Leave No Regrets
Marina: Going to Xinjiang Every Day
Director's Notes on Homecoming / By Kurbanjan Samat
Xie Shengli: Back to the Origin of the Tambourine
Wang Meng: Memories of My Days in Xinjiang
EPILOGUE / Jahangir
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of I'm Going to Xinjiang (ISBN:9787510473906)
Sample pages of I'm Going to Xinjiang (ISBN:9787510473906)
Sample pages of I'm Going to Xinjiang (ISBN:9787510473906)
Sample pages of I'm Going to Xinjiang (ISBN:9787510473906)

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I'm Going to Xinjiang