Charming Xinjiang: Legendary Xinjiang

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Table of Contents
Legend of Epics 
Manas: The Epic Legend of the Grassland Ethnic Group 
Aites: An Event for Nightingales on the Grassland 
Sixty—two Kuoner: Living Fossil on the Grassland 
Jangar: A Song on the Grassland and a Poem on the Horse 
Legend of Dance and Music 
Muqam: A Homeland on Strings 
Mashrap: The Collective Carnival of the Uygurs 
Nazirkom: Mimicking Dance Blooming 
Legend of Handicraft 
Clank: Soul of Muqam 
Tobshur: Singing with the Grassland 
Balman: Greening the Regions Around Mt.Tianshan 
Kumuz: The Beautiful Mouth of the Grassland 
Dap: The Spiritual Crusty Pancake of the Uygurs 
Earth Pottery: A Memory of Thousand Years of the Western Regions 
Saddle: The Heroic Ideal of Galloping on the Grassland 
Koxuk: A Wooden Spoon That Can Sing 
Karez: A Cool Underground World
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Charming Xinjiang: Legendary Xinjiang