Charming Xinjiang: A Bridgehead in Eurasia

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Author: Ma Yuan;
Language: English
Page: 215
Publication Date: 08/2014
ISBN: 9787508528595
Publisher: China Intercontinental Press
Series: Charming Xinjiang
Table of Contents
Spring of Xinjiang for Opening to the Outside World 
Stepping Out for Opening to the West 
Development of Opening to the Outside World 
Deepening of Opening to the Outside World 
A Business Card for Going to the World 
Growing Together with the Urumqi Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Fair 
Starting of China—Eurasia Expo 
The Exhibition Economy Helps the Development ofPeople's Livelihood 
Eurasian Continental Bridge 
Resurgence of the Continental Bridge 
Layout of Land and Air Transportation 
Oil and Gas Pipelines Stretching for Miles 
Passageway of Friendship and Prosperous Ports 
The Eight Neighboring Countries 
Prosperous Ports 
New Image of the Ports 
Leaders in Making a Breakthrough Westward 
A Pioneer to Lay Power Grid—TBEA 
A Cultivator ofAgricultural Product Processing—Central Asia Food Co., Ltd. 
A Practitioner of Border Trade—Xinjiang Sanbao Industry Group Co., Ltd. 
Foreign Trade Promotes Development 
Starting of Economic and Trade Cooperation 
Investment and Development 
International Communication 
International Educational Exchange 
International Exchange of Science and Technology 
International Cultural Exchange
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Charming Xinjiang: A Bridgehead in Eurasia