Charming Xinjiang: The Tastes of Xinjiang

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In vivid language, this book depicts the tastes of Xinjiang that are pervading the big streets and small alleys of Xinjiang and are deep into people's mind. From three aspects -- food, fruits and drinks, the book introduces the most representative tastes of Xinjiang, narrates the historical legends of these tastes and the related customs, the authentic flavor and characteristic design, as well as the health-preserving effect, showing Xinjiang's unique geographical features and full-bodied ethnic customs.
Table of Contents
Delicious Cuisine of Xinjiang 
Sun Flying Out of Naan Pit 
Fresh, Tender and Spicy Shish Kebab 
Pyramid on the Dining Table 
Crisp and Tender Roast Whole Lamb 
Belt—Iike Noodles Blended in Saute Spicy Chicken 
Silver—Iike Hand—Pulled Noodle 
About the "Nine Bowls in Three Rows" 
Super Hot Spiced Chicken 
Delicious Xinjiang Crystal Noodle Soup 
Hand—Grabbed Lamb oflrresistible Aroma 
XinJiang of Sweet Melons and Fruits 
"Gold Bunches" in Turpan Basin 

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Charming Xinjiang: The Tastes of Xinjiang