Chinese Folk Culture: Diet

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Table of Contents
Chapter One Staple Food 
第一章 主食 
Section One Rice Diet 
第一节 米食 
Section Two Noodle Diet 
第二节 面食 
Section Three Cookies 
第三节 饼子 
Chapter Two Non-Staple Food 
第二章 副食 
Section One Cake 
第一节 糕点 
Section Two Soup 
第二节 羹汤 
Chapter Three Flavors in Various Regions 
第三章 各地风味 
Section One Northern Flavor 
第一节 北方风味 
Section Two Southern Flavor 
第二节 南方风味 
Chapter Four Traditional Diet Customs on Chinese New Year’s Day 
第四章 传统年节食俗 
Section One Diet Customs on Spring Festival 
第一节 春节食俗 
Section Two Diet Customs on Lantern Festival 
第二节 元宵节食俗 
Section Three Diet Customs on Tomb-sweeping Festival 
第三节 清明节食俗 
Section Four Diet Customs on Dragon Boat Festival 
第四节 端午节食俗 
Section Five Diet Customs on Chinese Valentine’s Day 
第五节 七夕节食俗 
Section Six Diet Customs on Mid-Autumn Festival 
第六节 中秋节食俗 
Section Seven Diet Customs on Double Ninth Festival 
第七节 重阳节食俗 
Section Eight Diet Customs on the Winter Solstice Festival 
第八节 冬至节食俗 
Section Nine Diet Customs on the Laba Festival 
第八节 腊八节食俗 
Chapter Five Traditional Cooking Methods in China 
第五章 中国传统烹调方法 
Section One Cooking 
第一节 炒法 
Section Two Steaming 
第二节 蒸法 
Section Three Boiling 
第三节 煮法 
Section Four Decocting 
第四节 煎法 
Section Five Baking 
第四节 烤法
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To take an example of famous Fotiaoqiang,this is a traditional famous food blending delicacies ofevery kind. Until now, it has had a history of more than a hundred years.Its materials have very ample types. There are pork tripe, hoof tips, beef tendon, sea cucumber, abalone, shark fin, dried scallop, shark' s lip,fish maw, razor clam, ham, sheep cubits, dried duck meat, chicken gizzard, duck gizzard,dried mushroom, winter bamboo shoots and so on.Its craftsmanship is very complicated, making these materials under many methods, such as frying, cooking, boiling, decocting and so on, and then put them into a big Shaoxing wine jar layer by layer, add some suitable soup and yellow wine, seal the jar, put it on the fire and heat it. On firing, normally we will use hard charcoal, boilit first and then stew for five or six hours on small fire, then the food can be finished. 
Taiwan Style Food 
The main materials in Taiwan style food are sea food.
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Chinese Folk Culture: Diet